We're pleased to be able to announce the dates for the 44th Original Lakes Hospitality Trade Show are:

Wednesday, 13th & Thursday, 14th March 2019 at J36

Does this sound familiar?

Is your business scalable?

Are you really first in the market?

What’s different about your product?

Have you got your Patents and IP sorted?

What is your net margin going to be after tax and before interest in year three, month six?

When do I get my money back?

Why should I invest in YOU!

The reality is that if we knew the answers to all these questions
 we wouldn’t even be talking
 to the Dragons!

So what is the antidote to the Dragons Den?

We believe it’s simple….

Spend less time working IN your business and

more time working ON your business

Thursday 8th - Session 4, 13:30-14:15

Business health checks – for free

A business executive with international experience has set up a consultancy dedicated to boosting small and medium-sized businesses across the South Lakes and Yorkshire Dales.

Former Regional Director of a European spirits distributor, with a strong commercial background and global expertise, Business Doctor Steve Howard is using his extensive skills to help others looking for success.

After taking voluntary redundancy at 55 - and snubbing head-hunter’s calls - Steve decided to buy a franchise and head north. He turned to national conglomerate Business Doctors, with a 10,000 strong client base, and values and aspirations to match his own.

Steve explains: “There’s no hard-sell, prescriptive, one-size-fits-all programme. This is about working on the ground, being hands-on and totally empathetic. I want people to feel comfortable, confident with who I am and what I want to help them achieve.

“These are very much down-to-earth solutions for support and growth. Every business is different, with its own unique set of circumstances and challenges.”

The Kendal-based ex-Sales and Marketing Director of a FTSE100 Company worked for a number of organisations and held Managing Director posts. He is passionate about business development and maximising potential. A bit of practical support goes a long way to help realise goals, he says.

Steve is helping business owners and staff ‘break through the ceiling’ to the next level, by:

  • Identifying and achieving realistic growth
  • Solving stressful situations
  • Creating effective structures for development

“The personal satisfaction I get from seeing people understand how they can move forward and fulfil their vision is hugely rewarding,” says Steve.

“Whether you’re starting-up, or well-established, I can help develop that outstanding idea or project and find a completely new and efficient way of doing things.”

Contact Steve on: 07774 287640, steve.howard@businessdoctors.co.uk

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The Original Lakes Hospitality Trade Show

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As the regions original trade show, we are committed to ensuring all profits raised from our event are re-directed into promoting the county's hospitality sector.


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